Steve Caster


Programming / Vocals / Mixing / Recording
Music has been a passion throughout his life. At the age of 9 he took the dust covered guitar of his father and picked up playing. This was with help from his uncle, Geert Denys.
At the age of 15 he joined a local project called “moonlight walkers”, which was a progressive goth rock band.He wrote guitar lines and lyrics. As he grew older, he got influenced by several other musical styles. He prefers uplifting beats from the trance scene, but with a dark background in it. In the current project, we can hear the influences from various famous trance DJ’s.
He carries the believe that music should be an expression of feeling, emotions and thoughts. The definition of being commercially aimed does not ly with the music being made, but with the intentions one has during producting.
Although there are commercial influences from the trance and dance scene, U&I was created as a more futurepop ebm related band.
In 2001 a new era started at his musical life, when meeting Hendrik Declerq. Hendrik was the keyboard player for a student band which would play general rockmusic. It never gotten lifted, but it was the foundation for a project called 1D-Fens, where Steve would do the vocals and lyrics. 1D-Fens was an electronic EBM based project. After the last gig early 2006, 1D-Fens ended.
A musician would not be a musician if he could stop at once, so United and Identified was born. Although he tries to keep his private life to himself, there are many clues in the lyrics.
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