Sammy Glaïed


Production Assistant / Backing Vocals
I’m not a big fan of writing my own biographies, that’s probably why I’m the last one to enter mine. The story of UnI and me started before joining this band. Being a DJ at some of the more popular club nights in Belgium gave me the occasion of meeting Steve who became a fan due to the music I chose to spin. When we started talking I noticed our mutual interest in dance and futurepop. I guess he already noticed due to the music I chose to spin. So one thing lead to another and mr. Caster invited me to his home studio to give him some advice about some new track he was writing. Aparantly this visit went pretty good and that lead to more visits giving advice on singing, some of the lyrics and assisting him in the studio. Before I knew it I was writing a short auto biography as a member of a cool band named United and Identified.
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