History: A journey in Time 1997 : Indigo Moon
At the age of fifteen Steve was playing the guitar in a goth rock band. This project was alive for about 2 years, yet nothing real came out of it, except for a nice time and a lot of fun. Sometimes Steve looks into some of the lyrics which were written at that time, as a way of getting inspiration

1999: Project X
In 2000, when coming over to the Ghent City, Project X was founded. This was the first one man project Steve founded. No real tracks were finalised, yet a basic foundation was build and the passion for music kept on growing2000: Moonlight Surfers
Still unable to make a choice of direction Steve wanted to go into on a musical level, while having “Project X” during the 2000, he was also part as a guitarplayer in Moonlight Surfers. In that band he met Hendrik De Clercq (a.k.a Gloomy).

2001: 1D-Fens
1D-Fens was the first none “one man ” electronic project Steve played in. It was founded in 2001 and was put to the freezer in 2006.
Together with Gloomy (known as ‘Lighthouse’ atm) Steve were playing in a goth rock band without a name and moreover without any repetoire. During rehearsels it became clear to the both of them, that they shared another passion: electronic music.
As Steve was doing the guitar in the goth/rock band, but singing/programming in his own ‘Outsiders Project’ and Gloomy was making electro/trance tracks, it was an accident waiting to happen before they would join forces.
Within the first year they produced a full album which was distributed on CD-R format in 2002. (D-Fensless : see downloads section)
Although creating a harsher style of electro, tracks like Darkness and Eternity showed that they both we emotional persons. Within the lyrics C� found a wway to express his emotions and Gloomy did the same with the music.
Several years/rehearsels and gigs later, they decided that each would go their own separate ways, yet at certains times they still combine forces.

Interested in the old tracks? Check them out on http://www.1d-fens.be

2006: United and Identified
A musician would not be a musician if they could stop with music like that. So after the split up of 1D-Fens, C� got the itch again and founded United and Identified. Where 1D-Fens would do harsher things, United and Identified (U&I, got it?) would be a deeper exploration in C�’s own emotions.
2011: United and identified revived
Although there has been very little news on UnI, the project is not dead. After finishing the first cd, the second never got finished. It is decided to start from scratch with new tracks and new synth in december 2011.
2012 : U&I releases the first demo EP “At the borders of the line”. This EP is available on all big online stores like iTunes/Spotify and others.

2014: United and Identified release “Moment of Evolution”. This CD is available on all big online stores like iTunes/Spotify and others.

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