One last goodbye

There are a million stars that shine above me

yet I feel lost without direction

as there is no more time left for you and me

I lay broken in grief for you

If I could turn back time I would go back 

to the last time where I held you close

And stop at the moment to freeze

This would be a one last goodbye, that would never end


Cause I’m lost without you here

it all seems unfair and wrong

the way we’re doing

could it all be just turned around


one last goodbye, cause I am missing you

these arms are missing you

I miss your eyes, I miss your smell

there is nothing more that I want

than to tell how you are missed in this world

How you are missed in this place

The coldness in my heart

has taken over this place

and why am I still standing,

standing here without you

by my side

and I wished for more days

for months and years to come

while I would hold you close

but you’re gone into eternity

Give me one last goodbye

One more time

to hold you close in my arms

to cry for you, to die for you

to be in this place

where we’ve seen it all


One last goodbye


The star are shining bright at night

but I’m lost without direction

and I want you here to guide me

walk next to me

believe in me as I believe in you

And where are you now

Why are you gone?

One last goodbye

One last goodbye that never ends… for us

That’s all what I want


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