Borrowed Time

In this dark place we are staying

I seek the one I used to be

I’m holding on to the things

which defines me


Yet I’m wondering where I stand

In this world we’re colliding

hanging on to the words we used to say

I relive the times we shared in my memory

refilling my emotions day by day

unable to letting you go away


like kindred souls we’re lost

Separated by gods and forces

do I move onward, hoping that on day

I will find you there waiting

and I’m waiting for a sign, I’m waiting for a sign


Have you seen the better part of me

the one who stand by your side, fighting for a better tomorrow

A place where both our worlds merge together, in eternity

I am giving you all the best of what I can


As you leave me standing in the dark

I am hoping for the day, you’ll return the better part of me


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